Monday, March 10, 2008

Zee white beaches

I'm in Destin for Spring Break. The Internet in my condo costs $4 an hour to rent. As such, I must be brief.

I just wanted to say - I'm so over the skinny tan look all the females down here are sporting. Tanning is bad for you. If you have bronze skin, and it's obvious that you weren't blessed with that skin tone, you look like a fool. Getting some sun is good for you - getting so much that you look like a burned pop tart is not. Overz it.

Also, I want to take a moment to celebrate women with some curves. Mind you, I appreciate a well-toned bod, but I think in the long run, having a little something to grab onto is preferable.

That's what she said.



Smitty said...

why is it preferable?

Meralda Felwitch said...

I. Love. Your. Blog.

The world cries out for someone with taste to tell the Great Unwashed how to dress. And, for that matter, how to act, how to ealk upright, how to chew with their great fats mouths closed -- oh, there is so much that should be *pinched!*

I perform much the same service as you, dear, though I do it in Second Life, and often I immobilize fashion offenders before I tell them, at length, how dreadfully they're dressed. I suppose that's the advantage of being in a virtual world!

Please keep blogging, dear! Show no mercy, take no prisoners, and damn the torpedoes!