Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bienvenue and welcome, betchez

If you're reading this, you found my blog. Congratulations! If only most people dressed as well as they navigated the Internets.

This blog is a newborn baby, kicking and screaming and covered in amniotic fluid. Ew. As such, it needs your help. Clearly it will be an extension of the weekly DM column – it will carry that content plus any extra stuff I feel like writing about. It should be lots of fun, for both of us. That's what she said.

But if you want to see more content, less content or just different content, let me know by leaving comments on the posts. If you loves what I said, let me know. If you hates it, let me know that too. Let's be honest, I know you're out there. No point in hiding. Blogs are cool like that – we can sort of go back and forth discussing topics.

It's gonna be fun, I promise. I know I will have fun posting about things I see.

Speaking of, I went to the ballet Tuesday night at the Ford Center and saw a lady wearing a short denim skirt. No you didn't. First of all, it was 30 degrees outside, so you look like an idiot. Second of all, short denim skirts were never in. I have owned my fair share, believe me. But it never looked particularly good on me. Shudder. Third of all, you're at the ballet. Dress or dress pants are required. No questions. She also had on high-heeled sandals. Seriously? It's so cold. Everything about the outfit was just so wrong. Le sigh my friends.


Oxford said...

Nice blog. I have a comment on the professor fashion article. I agree that when a professor dresses up for class, he shows enthusiasm and class. But those who don't dress up (i.e. jeans), can make it work. For example, a young 29-year old professor who wears brown shoes, jeans, button down, no tie, and sports coat (no patches on the elbows) might look quite fetching. I might be biased on this look, though.

Miranda said...

I loves your column. Loooooooves. It makes Thursdays awesome, especially since the writer's strike screwed me out of episodes of The Office all winter.

Smitty said...

You have a way of explaining fashion to a regular guy. Thanks for the insight. Keep up the good work

Kudzu Dave said...

My Dearest Meghan:
Before I start, please check out Paris fashions:
and now a confession:
I first read your column and fell desperately in love with you, as you are a fashionista and I was beyond oblivious to all things of that nature as to wear cutoffs and redwings (high delta fashion) and effectively be a trend-setter in that I was the only one to wear what I wore. Then tragically my love for you waned, as fashion changes season to season and I gave up as some clothes are retired to the closet.
THEN you wrote the column about trying to look good even when you are puking and I was in total rapture, my love for you like a flannel shirt that came back into fashion: out of the closet and given new life.
Never stop writing. You give me reason to pick up the DM. loved the article on professors, but one question: what should professors wear?