Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Banana shoes

These are mah banana shoes. Sorry for the sub-quality photo; I took it with my camera phone at work today. Yes, they are Tory Burches. BUT in my defense, I bought them on sale. And, as it turns out, they have been worth every penny.

I bought them on sale in May, right after I moved back to Birmingham. Being a (very yellow) Spring/Summer shoe, they were on the clearance rack at a local department store, and even though I thought they were kinda fugly, I was drawn to them. I wanted them, and they had my size, so I took the plunge. When my best friend saw me wear them for the first time, she was like, OMG THOSE ARE SO FUGLY. To which I responded, whatevz I like them.

I wear them to work a lot because they are super comfy and let me run around the office quickly and efficiently. And since I started working slash wearing mah banana shoes to work in July, I have gotten so many compliments on them. You would think that since I've been working there for four months now, people would be used to the banana shoes and would stop making comments about them. But no, literally every time I wear them I see someone new in the elevator or in the hallway and they say something along the lines of, "Wow, cute shoes!" In fact, just today someone in the art department said she loved the pop of color on my feet. Indeed.

This is not the normal Hautey Toddy post, I realize. It's very un-HT to post a picture of my own shoes and say why I love them. But the point is I, too, love fugly things. The shoes are almost five months old now and they have held up very well, with nary a scratch. I got them on sale. I get complimented on them every time I wear them. And they transition well through the seasons.

Dear Fugly Banana Shoez:
I luv you.

Until next time, majorly yours.

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