Monday, August 25, 2008

The bar scene

What is it about getting ready to go to a bar, and consequently drinking copious amounts of alcohol, that makes people want to dress really, really poorly?

Oh, BTW, sorry it's been so long since I posted. I've just been busy at work and I don't like to blog unless inspiration strikes, and, honestly, I haven't seen anything worth blogging about recently. Or I hadn't until Saturday night.

I made plans to go out with some of the other interns. We convened at one girl's apartment, consumed some deelishus fake wine (read: Franzia), and then headed out for the night. I wore a mini dress and heels (true to form) and my new best bud did the same. By the time we got to the bar, it seemed like pretty much everyone was quite intoxicated. And it wasn't that late. I knew I would probably see some things worth telling you about.

First of all, there was a group of guys there wearing what appeared to be suits and ties. I'm not sure, because they had so destroyed their own attire that it was hard to tell. One guy had on a jacket, tie and dress pants rolled up to his knees. I asked my friend, "Are his pants rolled up?" She said, "No, I think they're shorts." So I took a second, closer look just to be fair.

"Nope, those are definitely rolled-up dress pants." She proceeded to lolz.

He also was wearing a dress shirt so thin I could read the letters on the back of his T-shirt. Yep, he wore some sort of screen tee underneath a thin white dress shirt, and had his pants rolled up to his knees. You can't make this ish up.

Also, it kind of bugs me when people dress super caj when they go out. When I go to a bar, unless I just feel like poo and am only going to assuage one of my good friends, I dress cute. I wear a dress and heels, or jeans and a dressy top and heels.

I never wear flip flops. And yet I see other people wearing them all the time. Wtf. This isn't K-mart, and that flashing light isn't the blue light special; it's the fashion police coming to pick your dusty ass up for wearing a polo and flip flops to the bar slash club. Shudder.

In other news, it's been raining here for, like, four days. Cray cray.

Until next time (which I promise will be sooner), majorly yours.

PS, I'm going to D.C. this week. I have a strong feeling it will provide me lots and lots of new material. Hellz yes.


The Unemployed Geologist said...

Whatever you do, don't come to Phoenix. People wearing shorts in the office (our office is air conditioned), teva sandles (my office doesn't do river rafting) and people wearing hoodies (!) and jeans (!!) to public dedication ceremonies.

Andrew said...

Hmm. I'm not sure if you are implying that people in my city dress poorly, in which case I would have to be offended on its behalf.

Anonymous said...

Well ... en France nobody dresses up for bars. It makes me sad (except I knew it'd be like that so I brought no dress up bar clothes). They wear like ... sweaters and jeans. But everyone has an awesome scarf so I guess that makes up for it.