Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow bootz, minus the snow

So today I set my alarm for the same time I do every morning that's not a Pilates morning: 6:42. My alarm goes off and then I hit snooze twice and get up at 7. I leave the house by 7:35 and get to work by 8.

That's when everything runs smoothly. This morning the first alarm went off, I'm sure, but I don't remember it. I woke up and fell immediately back to sleep, then proceeded to have a bizarre dream in which I got up, but I lived in an apartment somewhere, probs NYC, and I was 30 minutes late. I kept trying to put in my contacts but they kept drying up and shriveling before I could get them to mah eyeballs. So I finally gave up and decided to wear my glasses to work.

The next thing I remember is that my alarm went off... at 7:10. WTF. So I got up, already 10 minutes late. I decided to forgo contacts, based on this awful premonition I dreamed, and wear my glasses to work. Then I looked out the window and the grass was white. Just frost, not snow, unforch. But I could tell it was fa-fa-freezing outside so I decided to wear these:

Snow bootz.
They are chocolate brown snow boots I got on sale a few weeks ago at DSW. I actually bought them for NYC; I tested them out in D.C. last week and they were super warm and comfy, so go me. I'm wearing them with black leggings and a grey sweater dress. I am so comfortable it's ridiculous. Also I am wearing my glasses, which automatically makes me feel less stressed out, because normally when I wear them it basically means I'm taking a day off from life. So wearing them to work = chizillin in mah cube.

Also I've had Britney Spears' "Circus" stuck in my head all. day. long. Actually it just switched to "Womanizer." Buh whatevz they're both good.

Until next time, majorly yours.

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