Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It's final exam week here in Oxford. The weather has been beautiful and I enjoy walking around campus for the last few times.

I also enjoy taking full advantage of the "It's exam week so I don't care at ALL what I look like" rule. I had two finals today, modern dance at 8 and political philosophy at noon, and I didn't shower or dress for either. I dressed appropriately for dance I guess, but then I wore my sweaty dance clothes to the noon final. Ahh delightful. And I'm pretty sure that I hadn't showered for a couple days before then. Now I have. Grease be gone.

Tell your friends about my blog. I'm updatin' it. If they don't know the URL, e-mail it around. Get the word out.

As always, majorly yours.


Lynley-Love said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me every time I read your work. I hope you continue to post when you move to NY. I do have some quick ?s. How do you start to shop when you walk in a store? How long do you shop when yo do go shopping? And how in the WORLD are you going to control yourself from not going bankrupt from shopping in NY? I would love to know!

Alexander said...

Crawl! Crawl! Slide down the mirror. Slide!